Meet Coach George

Coach George Odiong is a PTR/USTA High Performance (Professional) certified coach and a graduate in Physical and Health Education with over 19 years of on-court coaching experience. 

He is always keen to stay on top of the latest tools and techniques to enhance into his coaching repertoire.  In 2009 and 2019, he attended the US Open High Performance Coaches Workshop Program where he observed how top pros and their coaches conduct training while on the road. In 2010, he was privileged to be at the USA Fed Cup camp in Alabama to watch junior players like Sloan Stevens learn what it takes to be a pro player. In 2011, coach George was in Port Ghalib, Egypt, for the World Coaches Conference learning from some of the best coaches around the world.

Over the years, Coach George has worked with a number of prominent Junior players helping them achieve their peak goals.  In 2012, he worked with 14 year old Sarah Adegoke, to get to the finals of the foremost tennis tournament in Nigeria, Central Bank of Nigeria Cup. Sarah is currently Nigeria's #1 female player. 

After 18 months at JTCC, College Park, MD, Coach George Odiong through encouragement from parents, clients and family decided to start the George Odiong Tennis Program. He has a unique and exciting ability to transform players from ball hitters into tennis players. He helps top juniors reach their high performance potential through improving their on-court movement, quality stroke production, and decision making. His players are trained to be aware of how to win points in match play and how to reduce unforced errors.

His methods have been able to mold players like Angelina Joao (who was a year ago ranked in the 150s in the Girls U-14,  but is now ranked in the 30s). He currently works with Mackenzie Clark, a top junior beginning her ITF tournament career and who is committed to Tulane University in New Orleans this Fall.  

Coach George is known for his passion on- and off-court, using innovative and creative ways to help improve his players' skills. He is totally driven by seeing his players' improvement.

Come visit George Odiong Tennis today and see why it will be the right place for your child, a place where it is not so much about drilling, but more about how to develop skills needed for match play.

~ GOTennis, Match Play First

  • “Coach George uses so many fun, creative techniques to teach me that stick with me in matches.  He's an amazing coach that pushes me to get better and better!”

  • "Coach George pushes me to my best with kindness.  I can't wait to play with him again!"

  • "I've never thought of playing tennis this way before.  Using directionals makes point play so easy!  Thanks Coach George!!"